Friday, September 28, 2012

talk to customer service

sometimes it's not worth the effort to let it go...

1.  grab your speaker phone and dial the number - if you don't know a number, get human will help you find one...and they have an app for that!

2.  when the customer service rep introduces themselves, repeat their name: it's polite, and it will help you remember in case you need to follow up on a less than effective call

3.  make it easy to follow up on your order:  have your order number ready and what you'd like to remedy the issue.  if you're not sure what will make you feel better, ask what your options are!

4.  remain calm if it doesn't go your way - remember these are people who are paid to care but probably don't.  use the secret code phrase "can i speak to your supervisor/manager?":  you probably are both frustrated by the lack of remedy.

5.  if the supervisor/manager is equally ridiculous, try to avoid swearing at them while you hang up...and write an email:  written complaints are a lot harder to ignore and create accountability.

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