Wednesday, September 12, 2012

fight a parking ticket

take on that meter maid.  there's a lot more to this, and i'd love to help - 
but today i learned something excited while contesting at nyc parking ticket.

first this is not just your usual expired meter ticket.  i already paid that one (incurred the same day of awesomeness) and i noticed that the meter maid had given me a chance by noting the 1st observed time and a 2nd observation...all in all a 10 minute grace period which deserves respect.

nooooo...this is about a "no-standing'" ticket where the "officer" scanned my plate from a block away.  now, is that even possible?  while i felt like a sucker standing there while she filled out the rest of the ticket (with visions of peeling away from the curb), i now feel empowered after learning that you are allowed to stop in a no-standing zone if you are expeditiously loading.  now where was my fair chance when i accidentally parked in the zone before realizing that i had found the traffic department's golden ticket spot?

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