Thursday, July 26, 2012

grow things with a black thumb

beginning with useful things:
give up on veggies, focus on two plants that compliment the cooking kitchen - italian or french.

top to bottom: thyme, organic basil

no worrying about insects or constant care, mother nature can take care of these until the winter.

david austin roses
roses can be a daring adventure but not if you plan correctly.  buy them from a reputable place - they will know which are best and hardy enough for your climate zone, what's best for your purposes (hedges, climbing, or ground cover) and may have a 1 year guarantee! 

the hardest part is picking a location - the right soil will be loose enough for the short roots of roses and can be tilled easily.  it will also get plenty of sun, plenty of light...and plenty of deer??

hopefully not.

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