Tuesday, July 24, 2012

avoid being 'that girl' at reunion

 i love my high school.  

i love going to reunions - the atmosphere of awkwardness, pubescent glances, but don't forget the giddiness!  i dumped an entire plate of food on my best friend.

so here's some tips to maximize those few hours before everyone gets too drunk too fast and realizes that they aren't as young as they used to be:

* always bring a friend.  probably someone who has a similar goal in mind (there are a few competing ones: mate hunting, ex-shunning, networking, aggressive networking, or like us, just ensuring our progeny have a fighting chance of surviving the admissions process).

* eat, yes.  especially like me, if you can't drink and they won't give you a discount on the ticket, resist the impulse to be fabulously tardy and go early to make sure you can eat something without having to talk to people with a mouth full of food.

* look happy.  or your picture will never be in the alumni magazine.  diversity is a plus.

* practice a pleasant smile.  you will need to glue it to your face while walking around with unfocused eyes.  

* say hello to everyone.  think you'll recognize most people 15 years out?  but that doesn't mean you get a pass, no no no.  let's leave the drama behind, and greet everyone.  after all, isn't it nice to leave high school behind you?  and you can always make fun of the ones who were freaked out by your non-bitchiness/new-found straightness later!

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