Tuesday, May 8, 2012

hunt an IKEA sofa on sale!

1.  be on a mission.  don't go on a weekend.  IKEA is open late night so no excuses.  this is not a fun filled day of perusing - research what you're looking for before hand and bring notes - there's guaranteed to be spotty cell coverage and overwhelming options.
2.  bring lots of fluids.  any trip to IKEA is hard on the body and the husband - water will buy you time.
3.  identify the style:  KIVIK, KARLSTAD, EKTORP, KLIPPAN and the secretive TIDAFORS.  compare the armrest to sofa cushion angle (ie. is the goal to lie down without breaking your neck to watch tv or do you want to make guests sit up properly and not spill crumbs on your floor), supportiveness of back cushions, and fabric colors.  each style comes in a few models - loveseat for two, three-seater sofa, and chaise to make into a l- or u-shaped couch.
4. compare prices.  here's a hint - all styles are priced the same: whether blekinge white or tullinge gray-brown...so a sofa in cotton = $399; tweed = $499; and prominent display model = $599. 
5.  get a deal on a unusual cover color - the tranas are 80% off in store but light tan was out of stock, so we grabbed a cheery cherry red cotton to alternate with our practical tweed sofa cover.
6.  use your 15% off of IKEA sofas  (ie. a giftcard of $15 off every $100 you spend - including covers) to purchase the second cover right away.  you have to pick up your giftcard from customer service but you can use it that day!

ex.  KIVIK sofa: $350
+ dansbo dark gray cover: $149
= $499 and a $75 gift card
+ ingebo red sofa cover: $49
= $499 total spent on KIVIK sofa and two covers + $26 gift card balance

ex. KIVIK sofa: $350
+ ingebo red sofa cover: $49
=$399 and a $60 gift card
+  dansbo dark gray cover: $149
= $489 total spent on KIVIK sofa and two covers + no need to ever go to IKEA again!

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