Thursday, May 31, 2012

print t-shirts

1.  use a permanent marker OR

2.  to make it official for the celebration of my best friend's (irish) husband's birthday, print one online in order to avoid high cost (as witty as i try to be, my bff and i are the only ones who will continue to wear the shirt) AND have the shirt done in time (we spent too much time bantering back & forth: "making people happy since 1978"; "face of an angel, body of a porn star").

google-ing "mall t-shirt printing" didn't get me to that wonderful kiosk that dispenses your photograph on giant buttons, key chains and magazine covers BUT i did find that (generic yet reliable) staples prints t-shirts on sale for $7.99 with free shipping!  it's the same upload platform as vista print, which was twice as much (as was snapfish whose required registration made me click away). 

all these companies can only print one picture centered on the back and/or front.  but one picture doesn't mean one image.  i was able to upload two images without using a scanner!  simply upload the first and click the add image button as many times as you want.  you may have to screw with the sizing/cropping but that's really the appeal.  just keep in mind: positioning of the picture in relation to your chest (ugh, don't stare at my boob region) and of the words so that they are legible in relation to the colors of the background and positioning on the shirt.  if all else fails, keep checking the large preview and take screen snapshots (shift + alt + 4) to compare.

realizing that this has to be an enticing t-shirt that other people would understand, i saved $5 opting for a front only image (hate it when people ask me to turn around) and a neutral slogan that was personally meaningful to my bff and her husband.  it's oscar wilde from a picture of dorian gray - and i made sure to check the reference of the quote to avoid embarrassment (it's about the beauty according to wikipedia - my source for movie spoilers and universal truths on books.  i've read all of the game of thrones

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